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Group of Companies NIKOCHEM

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Welcome to the web site of the Group of Companies NIKOCHEM. NIKOCHEM is one of the leaders of Russian chemical industry, the fixed productive assets of which are concentrated on the territory of southern industrial hub of Volgograd on the basis of the largest industrial enterprises – JSC Kaustik and JSC Plastcard.

Possessing highly developed infrastructure, which comprises warranted energy supply, transportation services and vigorous ecological basis, Volgograd industrial site is the center of development for chemical production of the Group of Companies NIKOCHEM.

Unique raw materials: rock salt and bischofite deposits, a wide range of manufacturable raw materials for output of high processing production, proximity to the main transportation junctions and market outlets, significant innovation potential – proprietary scientific and production centre and relations with leading

cientific Research Institutes allow the Company to conduct gradual diversification of the product line within execution of concept of chemical park organization.
We orient ourselves towards maximum satisfaction of customers’ requirements not only by means of offering a wide range of high quality products, but also by means of high level of service: technical support of production, complex delivery of raw materials and other additional services.

Continuous monitoring of chemical market condition, analysis of world trends in development of chemical and petrochemical industries as well as “problematic sites” of Russian chemical industry contribute to activity concentration on the most prospective directions and to timely management decision making which is aimed at improvement of work in process.

The Company’s Management makes all efforts not only for retaining leading positions in the market, but rather for warranty ensuring of competitiveness of the product line of the Group of Companies by means of dynamic innovative activities and adjusted investment strategy.

We do our best to make our business partners, customers, governmental institutions satisfied with our cooperation, and to make the employees of the enterprises of the Group and their families sure in their future.

We will be glad to see you among our long standing partners.


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