Construction of the first enterprise, which is one of the fixed assets of the Group NIKOCHEM at the present moment, an All-Union production enterprise Kaustik began in 1961 on the territory of southern industrial hub of Volgograd.

The first chemical product - insecticide Chlorophos was manufactured in June 1967. In that year the output of household goods was started. Hereafter the production of chlorine, mercury-method caustic soda, polyvinylchloride resin, wrapping film, hydrochloric acid and other goods was set off. In 60-70-ss manufacture of freons, chlorine and diaphragm-method caustic soda and a number of other products was started.

In the beginning of 1991 production of PVC-resins spun off into an independent enterprise and began its work as a separate legal entity – JSC Plastkard. Thus the framework of the future Group– JSC Kaustik and JSC Plastkard – was formed. The process of gradual split-off of some producing units into independent business units began with a view to subsequent capitalization of the given types of business within strategic development programme of the Group of Companies NIKOCHEM.

In 1993 manufacture of flexible PVC-compounds for cable and footwear industries was launched at JSC Plastkard with projected capacity of 15 thousand tons per year.

In the following 1994 JSC Poligran, the producer of PVC-compositions and flexible PVC-compounds, was founded on the basis of the thermoelastoplastic compositions plant of the industrial complex “Iskozh-Tver”. At present time JSC Poligran is administered by a joint venture with Belgian Solvay – CJSC Soligran, founded in 2003 and 50% share of which are owned by the Group’s structures.

At the beginning of 2002 CJSC Global Kaustik, a joint venture with American company Global Specialty Chemicals LLC, was set up on the territory of JSC Kaustik for the manufacture of calcium chloride and deicing agent Icemelt. In September 2005 these assets of the Group passed into the ownership of the company Zirax Plc, Great Britain.

For the purpose of development of business line for the manufacture of household goods at the end of 2004 a separate legal entity – LLC ECC – workshops of JSC Kaustik, where household goods are manufactured,  were split off. At the present moment the Company is a manufacturer of traditional household goods such as bleachers, antifreezing liquid Tosol, paints etc., and new high-quality innovative products.

Setting up of the scientific and production pharmaceutical Company LLC Nikofarm in 2005 was determined by aspiration to give a fresh impetus to the development of manufacture of nutritional supplement Baxinum and market promotion of veterinarian products based on Baxinum.

Since 2005 one of the strategic productive business lines of the Group – project on the manufacture of various magnesium compounds on the basis of the development of bischofite deposit has been actively advancing. Thus the production of liquid multi-component deicing agent “AGS” based on bischofite brine, calcium and sodium chlorides was branched out in 2005.

In 2006 the manufacture of magnesium chloride flakes and pearls as well as modern solid icemelter Ekodor was started out. In that year a new legal entity JSC NikoMag, which is a 100% subsidiary of JSC Kaustik, was created, for execution of the production project of high purity magnesium oxide and hydroxide within the project on the complex bischofite processing.

Due to the fact that the developed bischofite deposit is characterised by high bromine content it was agreed to introduce facility for bromine extraction in the processing chain of high purity magnesium oxide and hydroxide manufacture. In 2008 JSC NikoBrom was founded with the intent of splitting off of future producing units of bromine and bromine compounds in a separate business unit and process optimization preceding the project execution.

Beginning 2006 the Group of Companies proceeded to active implementation of the main strategic line of the development, i.e. organization of full chemical industrial park based on Volgograd industrial site, and started the negotiation process with potential residents – Russian and foreign companies interested in joint use of logistic, raw materials, infrastructural advantages of manufacturing base of the Group.

At the end of December 2006 in order to increase managerial efficiency of productive assets in the context of adherence to sole strategic line of the development LLC NIKOCHEM was established, which is the managing company, which the main managerial functions to the enterprises of the Group were transferred to.

Important stage in Company’s activity was phased energy supply optimization of industrial site of the Group in Volgograd and all producing units situated on its territory, since the share of energy expenditure in the production cost of major products of JSC Kaustik – caustic soda and chlorine  - accounts for approximately 40%.

Ordinary partnership founded on 1st January 2003 by three participants: JSC Volgogradenergo, JSC Kaustik and JSC Plastkard ensured to some extent solution of the given problem noticeably improving economic performance of the enterprises.
Since September 2007 TETS-3 (heat power plant), sole energy consumers of which are enterprises of Volgograd industrial site of the Group NIKOCHEM has been placed in management of JSC Kaustik under lease.

Currently JSC Plastcab (production of flexible PVC compounds), LLC European Chemical Company (production of household goods), JSC NikoMag (production of magnesium compounds), LLC Nikofarm (production of pharmaceuticals), JSC Nikobrom (bromine and bromine compounds) and CJSC Soligran, a joint venture of with Solvay are parts of the Group besides JSC Kaustik and JSC Plastkard which are the fixed productive assets.