Orientation on honest mutually profitable partnership is one of the main principles of the Company’s business running. This is true not only for existing industrial site partners, but also for customers of Company’s products, financial institutions and governmental authorities. Maximum meeting of customers’ requirements on quality, range of the goods produced and service level is one of the key conditions that ensure stable position of the Company in the market in the circumstances of contemporary market particularly in the process of phased integration of Russian business into the global economy. Exactly therefore the key point for us in the sphere of customer relations is enlarging the product portfolio of the rendered services both as in part of timely shipment of the products in the required volume and as in technical support of its use of the customer.




The main factor which determines the Company’s position in the market, prospects of its development and the image as a reliable partner is high quality level of the turned out products. In the context of competitive market with ever-increasing requirements to the quality of goods and services, with increase in share of high-technology production, sensitive to parametric variation of raw materials and supplies in use, formation of effective systems of quality monitoring and control is one of the priorities for any stable developing company.
The Group NIKOCHEM continuously updates management and manufacturing technologies, gradually implementing measures aimed at quality improvement of the turned out products.
Possessing competent scientific base, proprietary Scientific and Production Centre, the Company has the opportunity to have a differentiating approach to every customer with regard to output of production with tailor-made technical parameters.
A lot of attention at the enterprises of the Group is paid to phased formation of full quality management system over a period of the whole production cycle, starting with careful personnel selection and regular monitoring of personnel’s skill level and ending with the introduction of the most modern solutions in the sphere of chemical technologies and manufacturing control.



Today none of successful enterprises in the world dispense with efficient systems of environmental management and environmental protection. The principal direction of environmental activity of the Group of Companies is progressive reduction and prevention of production negative effect on environment and preservation of natural ecological systems in the area of technogenic influence of the enterprises of the Group. Priority goals of the environmental policy for the Group of Companies are “Pure Air”, “Pure water”, “Recultivation of disturbed soils”, “Production wastes reduction”, “Improvement of environmental management systems”, “Permanent ecological monitoring of environmental mediums in the area of technogenic influence of the enterprise” each of which comprises a group of actions, the most important of them are:

  • Environmental management system improvement as one of the main factors of the sustainable development of the enterprises of the Group;
  • Development and introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, marked by minimum emissions and discharges of hazardous substances into the atmosphere and effluents or technologies eliminating them;
  • Reduction of total volume of water disposal and total amount of polluting substances, coming from effluents;
  • Development and introduction of new advanced technologies aimed at decreasing of raw materials index, intended use and processing or recycling of waste products;
  • Intensification and enhancement of operational efficiency of biological treatment facilities in view of establishment of new producing units and regular reduction of total area of hydrotechnical ecological structures with simultaneous reduction of negative technogenic influence on underground natural waters;
  • Permanent ecological monitoring of all environmental mediums, experiencing technogenic influence of working producing units and formation of computer-aided system of immediate response and strategic planning of production based on monitoring data.