Orientation on honest mutually beneficial cooperation is one of the main principles of the Company's business conduct. This applies to not only current industrial site partners but also to consumers of the Company's production, financial institutions and governmental authorities.

In the circumstances of contemporary market particularly in the process of phased integration of Russian business into the global economy stable relations with all participants of business processes is one of the main conditions which provide the company with the stable situation in the market. Highly competitive market with growing share of highly technological production units make the structure of effective system for business monitoring and control one of the most important goals of any company developing sustainably.

Exactly therefore the key goal for us in the sphere of partners relations is not only cost-effectiveness of different transactions in terms of own profit but also consideration for business partners necessary for extending long-term relations.

Capital Investment Projects

The principal direction of investment policy of the Group of Companies NIKOCHEM is construction of multiproduct chemical technology park on the territory of Volgograd industrial site where the fixed productive assets are concentrated on.

The Company possesses everything necessary to implement the investment portfolio under the specified concept. Primarily this includes unique raw materials base - natural raw materials (bischofite and rock salt deposits) and a broad list of already manufactured products, i.e. caustic soda, chlorine, chlororganic products, acids, polymers based on vinyl, etc.

Production site of the Group NIKOCHEM in Volgograd  is not only provided with uninterruptible power and energy supply but also has well-developed infrastructure possessing significant reserves i.e. quite a few spare production buildings, two independent electric power supplies, water intake structure and water treatment system, steam of high and low pressure from TETS-3 (heat and power plant) incorporated in the system of RAO UES and at the present time held on lease by the Company, freeze of different parameters from five refrigerating plants and modern biological treatment facilities. 

Well-developed infrastructure, vacant spaces for business development and highly qualified personnel enable to provide full service to the participants of innovative production process.

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