Capital Investment Projects

The principal direction of investment policy of the Group of Companies NIKOCHEM is construction of multiproduct chemical technology park on the territory of Volgograd industrial site where the fixed productive assets are concentrated on.

The Company possesses everything necessary to implement the investment portfolio under the specified concept. Primarily this includes unique raw materials base - natural raw materials (bischofite and rock salt deposits) and a broad list of already manufactured products, i.e. caustic soda, chlorine, chlororganic products, acids, polymers based on vinyl, etc.

Production site of the Group NIKOCHEM in Volgograd  is not only provided with uninterruptible power and energy supply but also has well-developed infrastructure possessing significant reserves i.e. quite a few spare production buildings, two independent electric power supplies, water intake structure and water treatment system, steam of high and low pressure from TETS-3 (heat and power plant) incorporated in the system of RAO UES and at the present time held on lease by the Company, freeze of different parameters from five refrigerating plants and modern biological treatment facilities. 

Well-developed infrastructure, vacant spaces for business development and highly qualified personnel enable to provide full service to the participants of innovative production process.


Aluminum polyoxychloride is a high-basic coagulant used for treatment of drinking water as well as treatment of wastewater and circulating industrial water of metallurgical plants, pulp-and-paper plants, oil refineries and chemical enterprises, of domestic and municipal sewages.

Project implementation enables execution of governmental program of environmental improvement in the regions of the Russian Federation (Southern Federal District) as related to providing population with drinking water meeting the modern sanitary requirements.

Potential consumers of project production are the enterprises of Southern Federal District, supplying the population with drinking water, as well as industrial enterprises of the region having proprietary water treatment workshops and waste-water treatment units.

Location of manufacture on the industrial site of JSC Kaustik (NIKOCHEM Group) predetermines the future high effectiveness of the manufacture due to the advantageous geographic arrangement in terms of finished goods regional consumption in Southern Federal District and due to well-developed infrastructure of the industrial site capable of supplying a new enterprise with all kinds of energy resources, maintenance services, transportation and engineering services.

Aluminum polyoxychloride is a coagulant of new generation, which ensures reduction in coagulation time in 1.5-3 times, in reactant concentration for coagulation in 8-10 times, and as a consequence, high efficiency of its application compared to aluminum sulfate currently used.

Technology of surface water treatment with aluminum polyoxychloride is recommended to be used as resource-saving and environmental protection technology by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (Annex to Order No. 47 of MNR of Russia of February, 9 1996).

Shift to a new reactant in the context of operating units as a rule does not require modernization of existing chemical plant and lightens the work of maintenance personnel.



The main objective of the project is profitable high-technology production of nanostructured magnesium hydroxide based on multiple use of natural raw materials source  - mineral bischofite of Svetly Yar deposit of Volgograd Region being competitive in the world market. It is planned to organize production of nanostructured magnesium hydroxide as a part of specialized enterprise – JSC NikoMag, incorporated in Group of Companies NIKOCHEM and located on Volgograd industrial site of JSC Kaustik.

Technology of nanostuctured magnesium hydroxide manufacture is the development of Scientific Production Center of JSC Kaustik (NIKOCHEM Group).

Obtained by the developed technology magnesium hydroxide with modified surface has passed tests as an additive flame retardant in various polymer compounds. The tests were conducted jointly with a number of Russian leading manufacturers of polymer compounds. Based on the results of the carried out tests it has been educed that the use of nanostructured magnesium hydroxide with modified surface as a flame retardant provides a number of advantages compared to its submicron analogue, ensuring significant improvement in quality of finished products and its higher fire resistance  and environmental safety.  

Location of manufacture on the industrial site of JSC Kaustik (NIKOCHEM Group) determines high effectiveness of the future manufacture due to the advantageous geographic arrangement in terms of logistics of raw materials provision (supplied in manufacturing workshops in a pipeline) and finished goods shipment as well as due to the well-developed infrastructure of the industrial site capable of supplying a new enterprise with all kinds of energy resources, maintenance services, transportation and engineering services.

The project is fully provided with raw material – already explored reserves of bischofite and obtained licenses for its extraction ensures raw materials supply for the next 150 years.

High manufacturability both of magnesium hydroxide itself and polymer compounds based on it caused by the conversion of one of geometrical dimensions (plate height) into nanosized dimensions determines cardinal change in properties of nanostructured magnesium hydroxide and its easier and fuller compounding in the mixture of polymeric matrix.

With equal flame retardant loading polymer compound having nanostructured magnesium hydroxide in its composition offers a number of advantages over its analogue having submicron magnesium hydroxide available in the market:

  • better processability (energy saving while processing);
  • higher electrical resistance (more effective in the production of insulating materials);
  • less combustibility and higher environmental safety while burning.

Cable products based on nanostructured magnesium hydroxide can be used in critical constructions and equipment (weapons and military equipment and missilery) as well as in residential structures (elevators, plastic stadium seats, emergency egress).

Considerably less amount of nanostructured magnesium hydroxide is required to be added in flexible PVC compound in comparison with standard flame retardants  to achieve the same standard combustion index.

The company is willing to consider all potential investors and partners’ proposals concerning the participation in the above described projects as well as co-operative business organization under main business line of the Group.